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How TMAUDIO Custom Creations was born

We decided to create the TMAUDIO Custom Creation service because our home is the place where we relax after a long day’s work, where we find our peace and enjoy some quiet moments. Every room, every corner mirrors our personality, our tastes and our passions. 

Music lovers who enjoy every single note of a melody often have difficulties in finding the perfect solution to listen to the best sonorities in their own house. The listening room is often very limited, moreover, for aesthetic reasons we give up on quality audio systems, renouncing to enjoy our passion for sound. 

TMAUDIO has been working for years on custom solutions and thanks to its newest Custom Creation service, it is now ready to make room for your own passions.

esempio customizzazione interni TMAUDIO
esempio customizzazione interni tmaudio

How TMAUDIO custom creations was born

The Custom Creation service developed by TMAUDIO, allows you to custom the spaces of your own house sonorizing your rooms and the furniture already present in your house therefore there will be no aesthetic impact, only the best of acoustic performances. The perfect solution for your home. 

Adaptable for any request

 TMAUDIO’s Custom Creation is the best solution to make room for your desires. We create the perfect audio project based on your own home. No standard module, only custom configurations to give your passion for music the quality of a Hi-End system without impacting on the pre-existing design of your house. 


Hence why the TMAUDIO team works together with the best architects and interior designers to create ad hoc solutions for your necessities. Thanks to years of experience in the audio field, we can maximise your listening experience. 

 TMAUDIO’s Custom Creation is not Custom Installation!

Nowadays you can easily find common custom installation solutions. They are prebuilt modules, designed on general patterns for general uses, not integrated into your furniture.

Our aim is to revolutionize the actual world of custom installation, through custom projects designed on your building and furniture. We work on unique projects to meet all your requirements and demands. Our innovative system maximises the sound potential of your making it the perfect place to enjoy your favourite songs. 

A dream comes true: Hi End solutions customized on your spaces’ peculiarities. To enjoy and relax every day of your life. Discover them now!

How it works

TMAUDIO developed CUSTOM CREATION a service focusing on your listening room, on its features and traits. It’s not the same system for everybody: everybody gets their system, specifically designed according to their necessities and perfectly integrated into their furniture.

The Service
We analyze the plan and the furniture to imagine and design the best audio solution for your room thanks to our own softwares and our technical know-how.
We sonorize and study every piece of furniture required and we can make it invisible if requested. We chose carefully every single component of our completely Made in Italy solutions. We can give assistance on demand and proceed with the installation of the newest audio configurations.
This is Custom Creation: a whole new way of listening to music while keeping enjoying your house

If you have a personal architect or interior designer who you usually rely on, we can analyse and study the situation with them to find the perfect audio solution for the HI End system configuration. 

That is why our projects are completely designed on your own spaces and necessities, this is why they are so unique and special. Your Home Video System and your own audio configuration: a maximised solution specifically imagined and projected for you. As a consequence no compromises are accepted, only the best sound at your service. This is Custom Creation. 

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