Tech and Research

Why choose TMAUDIO’s Tech and Research?
Because all technical features in TMAUDIO products are unique and exclusive. As Sound Designers and Product Specialists, we want every product to produce the best sound possible. This is why we apply our experience in spaces and human experience to our speakers.

What makes a sound emotional?
Our specialists are always looking for new answers to this question. To us, what makes a sound special is its ability to represent the truth and to be a bridge between reality and abstraction. TMAUDIO brings you the emotion of a live concert right into your living room.

How do you turn listening into an experience?
We developed our own know-how and our innovative concepts to realize our products. We used our more than 30 years of experience to make exceptional performance speakers. 

Why is TMAUDIO innovative?
Scientific innovation means constant research, experimentation, and exploration. We are looking for excellence and we elaborate sophisticated technologies and innovative design to get unique results. These are our solutions.

TMAUDIO created the first crossover Sinecap Fully Balanced filter in the world! All details are perfectly reproduced in singular linearity and clearness of the sound. The most evolved components for an unedited crossover. 

Sinecap Fully Balanced Crossover Network Design

Here in TMAUDIO, we created the unique crossover SINECAP FULLY BALANCED filter in the world: an incredible dynamism, an extremely pure reproduction that preserves all the finest details in all their clarity. A stunning performance, completely similar to a professional studio monitor, with the most sophisticated components, produced using proprietary technologies. The result is amazing. Complete sound reproduction clarity and purity. 

The pursuit of excellence is what drives TMAUDIO specialists. We use our expertise to blend cutting-edge technology with knowledge of the world it lives in. As sound designers and product specialists, we need to make sure that wherever you take a product, it sounds as good as possible. That is where our knowledge about room interaction and human perception comes into play.

SINECAP appliance is the distinguishing trait of our top products. It is aimed at music lovers who want the purest sound, i.e. the most demanding users, the listeners who require the best sound reproduction.

See the finest details, unheard harmonies, unachievable stage, and focus. All thanks to our Sinecap.

Ghostcap Crossover Design

Our aim is to craft the top products for any price range. Therefore, even our general products use our proprietary technologies. That is why we created Ghostcap, a simpler variant of our SINECAP technique.

Sound flows out pure and clear, more than ever. No loudspeaker from the same price range can achieve that. Come to listen to what TMAUDIO created for your pleasure.


Ghostcap is the best way to keep using a cap avoiding all its typical limits.

Exclusive Crossover Design

It allows a perfect frequency range and phase transition between the two drivers and a exception frequency flat range from 100 to 20000 Hz, very close to a professional studio monitor.

Any of TMAUDIO Crossover products are placed on a grounded solid copper plate. It allows to clean all spurious and parasitic emissions from crossover components, returning only the cleanest sound.

Multiport Front Reflex System

Reflex systems are not perfect: they usually have problems in sound emission and propagation, even with expensive products. How can you save the quality of a reflex system without any of that?

We specifically created a proprietary technology with front multiport. You will have a solution without any placement problem, a perfect emission of all frequencies, reduction of reflex system typical noises, and no turbulences

Listen to the difference: enjoy TMAUDIO’s products.

“Turbo” Energy Filler Technology

How can you prevent clarity loss in sound reproduction in traditional XOVER products? We answered this question using the TURBO technique applied to our products.

We studied an Energy Filler able to give ambiance and full harmony like no other products. A meaningful sound, the most moving ever. Just Turbo.

Describing it is pointless, just listen to it! You will immediately realize how this technique is useful to sound reproduction.

An incredible soundstage, a rich harmony that immediately brings you in a live concert. Come on enjoy it!

Clevcab Cabinet

Our chassis are developed in their finest detail to propagate the acoustic waves in the best way ever. We merge multilayers with different materials and thicknesses to annihilate unwanted vibes, to keep emissions natural, and homogenize the mix, without any acoustic loss.

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