TMAUDIO stands perfectly support TMAUDIO speakers improving the integration of the loudspeakers into your listening room.
TMAUDIO stands allow a free positioning of the speakers in the spaces dedicated to the listening experience and they are designed to put the speakers in the optimal position.

Our stands minimize the problems due to sound reflection on the surfaces around the speakers. They guarantee an optimal acoustic reproduction that will make you fall in love at first listening. Thanks to the geometry of the base and the spikes, our stands contribute to the releasing of the cabinet vibrations on the floor.

Dimensions: 40x25x70(h)
Material: hard wood

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TMAUDIO atlas stands are unique and imagined to maximise the acoustic reproduction of the loudspeakers. They have no base plate and their original design is imagined to create the best sound ever.

Atlas Stands: The difference from traditional stands

They are usually conceived ad mechanical elements to support the loudspeaker, and often the influence on sound reproduction is not even considered. Conventional stands are generally composed by three elements, a base plate, a column and a floor stand. The plate is usually bolted onto the column, influencing the vibrations in frequency and phase. The outcome is a loose in power and energy in the loudspeakers emissions. Moreover it involves scarcely controllable vibrations and spurious spreading in the listening room. The weakness is actually in the base plate. Sometimes the ample surface of the plate doesn’t fit mechanically with the loudspeaker, and it generates problems in the vibration transmission.

Atlas stands: the unrepeatable plugs

Atlas stands have no base plate on the top. They make the loudspeaker lie directly on three metallic plugs located in strategic positions to allow an ideal performance in terms of energy and vibrational discharging. The material of our stands and their mechanical geometry is perfect in terms of transmission and vibrational discharging of the loudspeaker. The plugs are designed to get the least mechanical coupling and the highest energetic coupling and work as kinetic energy transformers.

As a consequence plugs transfer the energy that was not transformed into sound directly to the stand structure. Our stands are made out of ultra hard wood and developed in golden ratio and specifically designed dimensional ratio. TMAUDIO stands’ design creates an unprecedented transmission energetical return. The thick and huge foot plate allows a fast energetical discharging towards the floor.

Atlas Stands’ unique design

Vibrations are not stranded in the cabinet (bell-like effect) nor in the support structure.

That is why it is a perfect sound reproduction. The loudspeaker is like floating in the air and the emission is crystal clear and free. The sound gets an unrivalled bass articulation. Nothing impedes the sound reflection which is direct and fluid: TMAUDIO stands are specifically designed to serve and enrich the sound dimension.

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Weight 10 kg
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