JEM56 LAPURISTA provides the ideal sound for High End lovers in its bookshelves formula and the total sound purity thanks to the exclusive SINECAP filter.

Listen something you have never experienced before. Listen to the most transparent and dynamic sound. You will never live without it.


  • ClevCab (TagMa exclusive): cabinet with differentiated thicknesses in wood with different densities. It combines exceptional strength, neutral acoustical response in middle-bass frequencies and low hysteresis on ultra-bass. This internal shape also allows to decrease the quantity of internal stuffing, to all advantage of the middle-bass frequency definition.
  • Exclusive multiport front reflex system : using an exclusive reflex port, is been possible increase the acoustic coupling between loudspeaker and his propagation medium, reducing the reflex port noises and turbulences. A front port also allows a more simple placement in listening room.
  • Exclusive SINECAP crossover network design : it allows a perfect frequency range and phase transition between the two drivers and a exception frequency flat range from 100 to 20000 Hz, very close to a professional studio monitor. The lack of any capacitor preserve the finest musical details, resistors used are in TO200 pack, 1% tolerance, the best of the best available on market, audio coils are made exclusively for TagMa in Italy. A 0dB / +2 dB tweeter selector is also available to compensate the lowering of high frequencies in particularly absorbent listening rooms.

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