Naked speakers is the line mixing minimal design and the best sound quality. The sound shows up in all its majesty through these sophisticated speakers.

Discover their innovative technology, feel their pure sound. 

Result of the research by TMAUDIO labs, the Naked collection contains all linear sonorities and an authoritarian beauty to satisfy everyone.

In the different versions, bookshelf and floor stand, the products of the Naked collection mirror all the attention they were given to be realized. Made in Italy products with a unique design, Naked speakers can move and amaze. 

dettaglio inferiore diffusore acustico TMAUDIO jem66 la purista
dettfaglio diffusore acustico TMAUDIO jem66 la purista dall'alto

JEM56 La Purista, a bookshelf speaker with an essential design, is another solution imagined by Alberto Bellini for TMAUDIO. Always looking for the perfect listening experience, TMAUDIO labs created LaPurista to catch every eye and to produce an amazing ambience. It will excite and amaze every listener. 

JEM66 LaPurista is the floor stand version of JEM56 LaPurista. The dark and elegant look of these speakers, the titanium tweeter and their frontal multiport system, are the demonstration of the amazing results of TMAUDIO research.

diffusore acustico TMAUDIO jem56 la purista

Naked is pure sound.

Naked is pure sound. Elegance and a naked style, essential and minimal, designed to let the sound be the real main character. Exceptional speakers, completely Made in Italy. The project is by Alberto Bellino, an Italian designer, one of the pioneers of the audio field. Quality materials and components for an unprecedented sound reproduction.

JEM56 Turbo is a bookshelf speaker produced in TMAUDIO labs. An energy filler with an exclusive internal wiring system designed to guarantee the monowiring-biwiring control with no external component needed. The sound core is entirely guarded inside a wooden cabinet for a longer lasting and a total adaptability to minimal environment. 

The dome tweeter with no ferrofluid is realized in a special league which allows it to avoid the typical resonances of metal. Only the purest sound in elegant clothing. A project by Alberto Bellini, excellent TMAUDIO designer, combining intensity and design in a unique product.

dettaglio casse superiore diffusore acustico TMAUDIO atlantys

Thanks to its designer Alberto Bellino, New Atlantys represents the classic hi fi product. The simplicity of its design is genial and simple. These speakers harmonize in every domestic environment and in every listening room.

Atlantys, an excellence of the Hi End production and a major product in the audio industry is now available again for TMAUDIO Naked Collection.

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