Deca speakers is a collection meant to harmonize even with the smallest listening rooms.

Deca is a line by the designer Alberto Bellino. It includes Deca One, a couple of speakers of Hi-End quality and amazing performance. 

They have a wooden cabinet, and they are elegant and thin. They are a very beautiful piece of furniture which will surprise you for their astonishing audio performances. 

Deca One design is imagined to be part of a wonderful listening space. The quality of the components and the reduced dimensions and compact size, will bring magic into your listening room in 10cm in thickness only. 

An immersive sound experience, an ambience like no other speaker of this dimension. A wonderful look and a classic design for a special and fulfilling listening universe. 

Unprecedented sonority and dynamicity of the sound.

Why Deca One?

Because in many years of experience with Hi-Fi systems, we noticed that a lot of people refuse to buy audio systems for fear of not having enough space for a quality HI-End system.
“What if my system won’t live up to my expectations?”
“I am not entering the audio universe because I have a little house and I have no room for a quality Hi-End system”.
In the last years we heard far too many times these phrases. This is why we developed the Deca collection: a line of products specifically designed to be versatile and not bulky. In particular Deca One: 10cm in thickness, Deca One manages all the powerful sound of a high level speaker and the quality of Made in Italy components. The unique design of these speakers will perfectly fit even the most elegant rooms.

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