About us

 We are dreamers always looking for the perfect sound.

TMAUDIO is an innovative lab, always working on new sound technology and design solutions. That is because we structured our work on a solid base: our own passion for Hi-End products. This is what makes our ambition grow and grow to find the best listening experience. 

We want to fill the world with emotion thanks to the creativity power of technology. We evaluate curiosity and multiperspective solutions. Finally We choose sustainability and ethical business. 

TMAUDIO arose from our own passion for sound and from the desire to share the music emotions with as many people as possible. 

We are always focused on highest performance, connecting quality and design. An inseparable binomial thought to share our values all around the world. 

Our guide: Alberto Bellino

TMAUDIO puts together technological and product design competences of the CEO e founder of TagMa, Marco Tagliaverga, and the know-how and technical experience of  Alberto Bellino, amongst the best Italian audio designers. His projects, his talent and his experience is very well known in the audio field, in order to create the best sound technology branded TMAUDIO 

Alberto Bellino leads the Research and Development department of TMAUDIO, developing the acoustic research applied to fine design products. 

The results are ambitious products with unparalleled performances. TMAUDIO delivers to the audiophile, amazing speakers which can move and suggest beyond all imagination and beyond the limits imposed by the market. 

Listening to music is a vocation. Listening to music through Alberto Bellino’s speakers is an unprecedented emotion.

Discover the emotion of music and listen to your favourite tracks wherever you like. Discover TMAUDIO products. Our passion at your service.

Alberto Bellino

marco tagliaverga

Marco Tagliaverga

The core of your world 

Human experience is profoundly influenced by music, and music is the core of our world. TMAUDIO is an innovative company in the audio and design industry. Our aim is to create the perfect listening experience through powerful and innovative instruments. 

The place where a speaker stands influences the sound reproduction even more than the speaker itself. And so does the environment where the speaker is installed.  

This is why you are at the centre of our design projects. TMAUDIO takes the Custom Design experience a step further. 

To create a  sophisticated sound reproduction, we offer a huge range of products, headsets and speakers. In addition to an extremely personalizable Custom Design speaker service for any kind of house. 

Our design products are the bridge between an extraordinary visual experience and the perfect listening experience. 

Enter the world of TMAUDIO. Discover a new way to listen to music.

marco tagliaverga

Marco Tagliaverga

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